Priya turns 1 // Puppy Party!

I was beyond excited when I got an inquiry to photograph this little girl's 1st Birthday party. The theme....Puppy Play Day! My first thought was, "What an adorable idea!" The family doesn't have any pets yet but their two little girls just absolutely LOVE dogs and love to cuddle and play with them when they visit friends. They found a really great service that brings dogs to parties and events. These little pups get so much attention and so many snuggles! The best part is every  puppy is available for adoption! What a great way to find these little pups a forever home! 

Kids Birthday Party
Los Angeles Puppy Party

Aven's 1st Birthday Party! // Cake Smash Session

Happy 1st Birthday to this cute little man, Aven! I was lucky enough to have photographed Aven as a newborn and I can't believe how much he has grown. The family invited me to his 1st birthday party as both a guest and a photographer. They added so many cute and colorful touches to the backyard, I just couldn't get enough. And the best part was how much Aven enjoyed his chocolate cupcake!

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