photography services



Whether this is you first child or fifth, every pregnancy is unique and beautiful. These sessions can vary between an intimate day between a husband and wife or a perfect way to announce that your family is growing even bigger! 


Hospital newborn PHOTO SESSION

These sessions take place during the first 48 hours after your little one arrives into the world. This is more of a lifestyle session, documenting your first few days together rather than a posed newborn photo session.


NEWBORN Photo session

Time goes by so quickly! Before you know it, your little one will be crawling, walking around and talking! Make sure to capture how tiny and perfect your newborn is. I recommend scheduling a newborn session for when your baby is between 5 and 10 days old. 



These sessions usually take place during your baby's first year. Between 6 months and 1 year, your child will be sitting up without help, crawling and standing. They already have so much personality! Think about how small your child was as just 10 days old and how much they have already grown!


cake smash PHOTO SESSION

Can you believe your little one is already a year old? Your child's first birthday is a big one! I love doing cake smash sessions. Be prepared for things to get really messy but you will be blown away by how much fun your child will have smushing their cake in between their fingers or throwing it around. They may even get some in their mouth....but probably not!


toddler and child PHOTO SESSION

The images of your kids jumping in puddles and playing is the fall leaves are some really spectacular moments that you are definitely going to want to remember! Maybe they just had a growth spurt or maybe you just feel like you want to keep them this size forever. 


adoption day PHOTO SESSION

Why not celebrate this special day? You have been waiting for this child, holding your breath and praying for the day you can bring them to their forever home! They are just as excited as you are to have such amazing new parents. Your family and your hearts just grew a little bit bigger, this day definitely needs to be remembered. 



Family photos are for more than just holiday cards. Whether you just had a new baby, adopted a child, your son or daughter got married, had a grandchild or got a new dog, your family is growing all year long. Don't wait until the holidays to share that with everyone you know.


birthday party photo SESSION

Time to get creative! What is your child's favorite thing? Dinosaurs, space, princesses or maybe even puppies?  This is a chance to celebrate and show them just how much they are loved.  I don't remember every birthday party I had as a child but, my Mom held on to photographs of each and every one. Every now and than I will look back at them and smile. The surprised look on my face when Ariel from The Little Mermaid shows up is priceless!